32" Solar Soundbar Tv System
System composition
  • Big capacity LiFePO4 battery built-in
  • 32 inch digital TV
  • 65 watts solar panel
  • 2 pcs 5 watts led lamp
This is one new kind of solar power system 
including one solar soundbar  with big capacity LiFePO4 battery built-in, of course  it with very good sound speaker audio, can Dc12V power TV+FAN+PAMP+RECEIVER, Dc5V charge phone, Audio support bluetooth U-disk mp3, radio and Aux
Composition du système:
  • one set solar soundbar
  • one set 32 inch digital TV
  • one set solar panel
  • two pcs led lamp
  • one set 2m length DC cable
  • one set 1 divided 2 DC cable
  • one set AUX cable

All with two years warranty.
Very good quality ,few after-sale.